Effective Business Communication

Your success in life is dependant on many factors. The schools you attended, the education you have, the experience you bring to the table, your technical prowess, your creative ability, the people you know, and your Interpersonal Communication Skills.

Interpersonal Communication Skills are the catalyst for your success in life. If you think of the people you admire personally and professionally, I bet they have one thing in common - their ability to interact well with people. It seems they always know the right thing to say at the right time, and in the right way. Not everyone may like them, but they are respected and successful in their world.

Interpersonal Communication Skills are usually not a part of education curriculum. Most people learn these skills by trial and error. Unfortunately for some, it is after a tenuous employment or business relationship that they realize things could have been handled differently.

Enhance your ability to communicate effectively through a one-on-one coaching session with Byron. Great communicators are more confident!

Menu of Topics:

Active Listening Reflective Listening Questioning
Non-verbal Body Language Aggressive/Assertive Behaviors Conflict Management
Team Communication Creativity Managing Diversity
Negotiating Motivation Influencing
Clear Language

One-on-one personal coaching sessions are typically via phone (exceptions per quote). Each session is generally one hour per week, with a twelve-week minimum, twenty-four week maximum. Assessment tools and personal strategy are included.

Every successful team has a good coach responsible for developing the team's strategy.