What Participants Are Saying

"I have nearly ten years experience in Human Resources so I've taken numerous personality inventories over the years. I have never enjoyed or learned as much as I did from you yesterday. You have a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing that gift with us."
Michelle Beck - Dallas

"Byron's approach made the class inventive and fun. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this class to my fellow workers."
Scott Hiles - Austin

"It was highly informative. I plan on taking the information I learned and apply it to my job. Byron's lecture didn't just follow the book he made it interesting by personal experiences and involving the group."
Craig Clark - Charlotte

"The training was very thorough and thought provoking. We were taken through actual scenarios that could benefit us in real life situations."
Shakara Perkins - Biloxi

"Great training which can be used by everyone, and can be used in all aspects of life. Instructor was very professional, flexible and considerate. Very enjoyable training. Would highly recommend. "
B.J. Miller - Austin

"That the role play exercises brought to life �situations� that we all experience in the work place. I like the outgoing demeanor of the trainer and the warmth and expertise that he brought to the group."
David Frenzel - Beaumont

"As a supervisor this class is very beneficial it gives insight into dealing with different types of people. I felt I knew how to deal with difficult people. But now I see how far behind I am in dealing with some situations. Wish I had this class four months ago. Would have handled a situation differently with an employee."
Noe Martinei - Austin

"That the trainer made the seminar real as if everything was happening at that moment."
Marie E. Gonzalez - San Luis

"Byron was really on the mark with this class. I appreciate his truthfulness and dedication to his work. Keep up the good work! We needed this."
Tonia White - Austin

"I think this was a Really Great Seminar - learned much to take back to the work place and share with others. Byron was great in teaching us the skills we need to learn to be better negotiators."
Marsha Tadlock - Wilmington

"I got a lot out of role-playing. It gave me a clearer understanding of body language and how it can tell what the person may be saying or thinking with saying a word!"
Sandi Howard - Raleigh