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Presentation Skills

When asked what we fear most, many people put speaking in front of an audience high on their list. In fact, many surveys indicate that the only thing that seems to surpass it is the fear of dying! Yet, career success if often imbedded in how we relate to others. Do we appear and sound creditable?

  • When you present information do you have the impact you intend?
  • Is your delivery style one that engages your audience?
  • Are you able to establish rapport immediately?
  • Do you struggle with what information to include, and how much to exclude?
  • Would you like to put the butterflies in your stomach to rest?
  • Are your transitions smooth?
If you answered no to any of the above questions this coaching session is for you. Participants will receive personalized, confidential presentation feedback from the facilitator and will develop a presentation self-improvement action plan. Customized exercises give participants fist-hand experience in one-on-one, small-group, impromptu, and sit-down presentations. We can work with you individually or with your team.

Training Objectives:
  • Organize your ideas and information for impact
  • Respond to questions confidently
  • Learn to control nervousness
  • The importance of vocal variety
  • Reduce the time it takes you to prepare
  • Select appropriate details and data
  • How to open with an attention getter
  • How to close with impact
This interactive two day training is available for small groups (6-12) and one-on-one sessions.

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