Meeting Planners

Have you booked Byron Ricks for an upcoming event? We've created this page to help you get the most from Byron's presentation. Everything from tips on room setup to generating interest among your attendees. Have a question we didn't cover? Email Byron!


  • Pre-Program Questionnaire:
    Click here to complete the Pre-Program Questionnaire.

  • Room set-up:
    To best take advantage of Byron's interactive, energetic style we recommend that groups of 10-30 use round tables and groups larger than 30 use a classroom style set-up. Byron prefers a lavaliere microphone so he is free to move about the room. He also needs an overhead projector, though he is able to use an LCD projector if you desire and have one available.

  • Suggested Introduction:
    Byron Ricks is a leading advocate in the development of human potential and personal effectiveness and he teaches his philosophy to organizations of all sizes across the country. Currently the owner of BR Seminars Group, Byron has managed, supervised, recruited, interviewed and hired staff, and designed and implemented workshops for organizational development. He is also currently featured in numerous training and inspirational videos.

    Please join me in giving a warm welcome to...Byron Ricks!


  • Link your site to Byron!
    If you have a web site that your audiences can access, we invite you to link directly to the BR Seminars Group Web site. We've found that the attendees like to visit and learn more about Byron before and after the event to which you have invited him. Please let us know if you do link to the site, we'll be happy to include a link to your site in our current schedule.

  • Photos to download for your program:
    Click here to access photos that you can download and print in your program. We've included instructions on how to download these print quality photographs to assist you in creating your event materials.

  • Articles:
    By including one of Byron's articles in your organization's newsletter, you can give participants an opportunity to learn more about Byron's techniques and generate interest in his presentation.

    YouTube is one of the fastest growing media for presenting video clips. Get your audience excited by linking to Byron Ricks videos on YouTube.

If you haven't booked Byron for your next event, but would like to, please review his seminar topics and contact us for more information.