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Interpersonal Communications Skills

Today, more than ever, managerial success depends on how well you relate to your team. What you say is often not as important as how you say it. Influencing others and ensuring the message you sent was received as intended is vitally important. A newly diverse workforce, productivity, conflict, motivation, and loyalty are just some of the challenges you face as a manager, supervisor or team leader.

In this seminar you will learn:
  • How to minimize conflict and build team environment.
  • How to work and live with difficult people.
  • How to be assertive without being aggressive.
  • How to ensure the message you send is received
  • Active listening skills and the power of questioning.
  • How to identify your own and others' communication styles.
  • How your personality style relates to The Communication Model.
How it benefits you and your organization:

Interpersonal communication skills are the foundation for relationships at work and in life. This seminar will make you a better communicator- and a better leader. Byron will teach you how to communicate more effectively and how to adapt your communication style to better meet the needs of your team. His excercises will teach you to be a more effective manager, supervisor, team leader or individual contributor.

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